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A woodland is a habitat for many Trees, plants and animals.  But it is a delicate balance, and one small change can have a huge impact on the rest of the wood. Thus the threat to a woodland can take many forms.

For example

  • Poor woodland management and or neglect.
  • The introduction of the wrong plants or shrubs Not you might think a problem, but take for example Rhododendrons( not a native of the UK) and which many consider a great addition to a garden, but have taken hold in the wild countryside and are completely choking out areas of land  thus excluding native plants .
  • The use of chemical to control plant disease and pests can poison many insects, animals and birds. By doing this it can also break the food chain to others.
  • Fire is always a risk in woodland and with the hotter dryer summers that risk is increasing. So any action by people which could further increase this risk is very undesirable.
  • Pollution of the land by dumping waste etc.  This could could not only put animal and plant life in Ninewells wood at risk but the natural drainage of the woodland is down into Cleddon Bog, which being an SSSI could have an even greater impact.

The risk of some or all the above happening increase with sub-plotting, if the woodland is not cared for, or one or more of the activities suggested on the woodland sale sites.

Are we just worried about our woodland (not in our back yard), NO.

We are campaigning not only for the Ninewells wood, but also to get legislation changed to protect woodland not just in Monmouthshire but throughout the UK.

Does this affect you.

  • You may at some time visit this area and want to walk, cycle or ride a horse through the beautiful countryside of the Wye Valley.
  • It could also be happening to a wood near you.

We have identified 65 woods  being sub-plotted.   

100 plots  currently on sale in the UK

11 sub-plots removed from the web-sites.

We know of 2 more woods that are not being offered for sale

Check and see if a wood near you is under threat.  Sub-plotting maps.