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The first objective of NCG is the issue of an Article 4 Directive   by Monmouthshire County Council relating to the 10.2 hectares of Ninewells Wood previously owned by the Bough Beech Trust at Grid Reference 162/SO/503035 preventing any developments which:

The consideration and possible implementation of any other legal action (eg: under the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000) which may have the same effect.  It is hoped that Monmouthshire County Council may be persuaded to give NCG an opportunity to object to any planning proposals, relating to Ninewells Wood, which may be received.



The second objective is to campaign against the subdivision of woodland for inappropriate purposes through:

  • A change in legislation governing development.
  • Adoption of a policy by Monmouthshire County Council signifying its willingness to issue Article 4 Directives, or compulsorily purchasing woodlands, in the circumstances currently concerning NCG.